Goddess Naughtia And Goddess Samantha

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Goddess Naughtia

Goddess Naughtia

Goddess Naughtia really enjoys teaching slaves a lesson with her ass. Sure she could beat them, whip them, kick them or slap them… but nothing gives her more pleasure than to feel the frantic struggles of a slave with his face buried deep in her ass crack and desperate for air. Whether he gets the air or not is another story. It depends on how well behaved he has been.

This scene opens with Goddess Naughtia performing full weight forward facesitting on her slave while his head is on the corner of the bed. The rear view of this scene showing his face totally engulfed in her ass crack is a sight to behold.

She then moves into reverse facesitting position and the fun really begins. She pounds down on his face… crushing it like an over ripe melon… demanding his tongue goes deeper and deeper. She sits hard on his face for long periods and his fear is really evident when he pleads for mercy.

It is now time for Goddess Naughtia to receive the asslicking pleasure she most loves. She loves having her ass tongue fucked from behind. She gets into position and orders her ass bitch to fuck her ass with his tongue. “Deeper, harder,” she commands. The action gets incredibly erotic and intense. Think you are going to LOVE this one...see more here

Goddess Samantha Facecrusher

Goddess Samantha

Face Crushers Vigilante Justice (Ass Smothering)
Bad boys beware! The Face Crusher has her own style of vigilante justice. First she seduces you into her lair. She invites you on to her bed and using her body, and breasts, and sexy voice she playfully smothers you until she is ready to punish you. Then she mounts your face with her amazing, beautiful booty and destroys you. There is no escape. The only question running through your mind is how long do you have to live? At least it’s a great way to go! Goddess Samantha is really amazing in this scene. Don’t miss it...see more clips here