Goddess Naughtia, Alura or Samantha?

When its time for us to go, we all want to die under a big round female ass don’t we? Smothered in ass until we run out of air is the perfect way to go. But if I had choose just one to do it, out of Goddess Alura, Goddess Samantha and Goddess Naughtia, I think I would have to go with Naughtia. Her ass looks so big and well cushioned. It would be no effort at all for a girl of that magnitude to finish me off. But anyway this is all about the awesome facesitting clips at Club Stiletto

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Goddess Samantha The Facecrusher

The magnificent Face Crusher has returned with another amazing scene that’s sure to rock your ass loving world. She placed an ad in the newspaper for men who love face sitting. She got many responses and is now interviewing one of them. Sitting on his face, the victim has no idea what the Face Crusher has planned for him. Total elimination. He can consider himself another case for the Darwin Awards because he will not be leaving the Face Crusher’s lair walking upright. At least his demise will be the best time of his life and the Face Crusher will simply respond to the next response to her ad. As she says at the very beginning of this scene… “So many faces to crush… so little time.” Fans of the amazing Face Crusher performed by the wonderful Goddess Samantha will really enjoy this scene. The victim’s suffering is absolutely exquisite.

Goddess Alura – “All Men Are Toys”

The Winner Gets MY Pussy
In Goddess Alura’s world, all men are toys… made to be played with. Today, she starts off posing above them, driving them crazy with her exceptionally beautiful and voluptuous body. She announces she is going to have an ass smother contest and see who can hold his breath the longest while under her. She sits on each, timing to see who can go the longest without a breath. She sits hard and long! She moves back and forth between them as she tries to determine if there is a winner. No need for the slaves to fret, even the winner will still be considered a loser in her eyes!

Goddess Naughtia – Destoyed By Her Ass

The Goddess was out shopping with her loser slave’s credit cards. The idiot maxed out the cards but didn’t tell Her. Checking out at the sales counter, the credit cards are declined. HOW EMBARRASSING and intolerable for a Goddess! The scene begins with Naughtia arriving home very angry. Mistress Bijou just happened to stop by, at the same time, to visit, and grabs the camera and starts filming what turns out to be a very intense series that Naughtia lovers are going to flip for! Naughtia immediately slams onto her slaves chest and face, drowning him in massive amounts of ass fleah. You can only imagine how intense it gets, after that, when the ice cold Bijou starts to encourage Naughtia and offers suggestions as to how best punish the slave with her HUGE Ass. Naughtia’s beautiful, amazing, big ass destroys the loser, you will not want to miss it!