Mistress T – Hot Ass Mistress

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The slave’s cock is straining and throbbing the whole time. Why? Because Mistress T’s ass is the most perfect ass in the world. And when she sits down upon his face it forms the perfect seal around his nose and mouth. The slave’s next breath ┬áis completely at the mercy of his Mistress. Which is exactly how it should be

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Big Juicy Female Ass

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Seriously, nothing makes you boys blow your loads quicker than the sight of a big juicy female ass. The curves overwhelm you. You’re brainwashed by the smooth fleshy cheeks of her big ripe ass at it hovers just over your face. And then darkness descends at it envelopes your head. Your nose and mouth fight for air, but the weight, the weight is so beautiful as it presses down on you.



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Ass Teasing Step-Sister

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Why oh why did my younger step-sister insist on doing her ass and thigh exercises right in front of where I was trying to work. Taunting me with her gorgeous curvy body seemed to be her new thing. When I complained she turned her head, blew me an air kiss, and stuck her ass right up in the air as far as she could.