Toilet Play with Mistress T

The Goddess of toilet slave roleplay Mistress T has many of these awesome clips at Club Stiletto.

Mistress T toilet play

The Only Time You Get to Cum – Toilet Play
M0mmy is getting ready to go out for a nice date with her gentleman caller. She summons you into the bathroom. You always blush when you see M0mmy dressed up so nicely and you know why M0mmy summoned you. She notices you are blushing and it makes her want to make you blush even more. She tells you that she wants to eat all her favorite food and drink on her date. Champagne, oysters, caviar, but her tummy is full. She needs to vacate her bowels to make room for the dinner she plans to eat. That means she needs to take a dump and YOU will be her toilet… just like you always are… just like the way she trained you. She only take you out of chastity and allows you to cum, when you’re eating her sh/t.

As she orders you into position, she lifts up her dress to reveal her perfectly round ass. You have always lusted after M0mmy’s ass and she caught you staring at it many times. She used this knowledge as a weapon to seduce you and turn you into her full toilet slave. You couldn’t help yourself. You surrendered to her charms and her demands. Now you are in way to deep and M0mmy knows it. She controls everything about your life, including your orgasms. Kept in 24/7 chastity you crave her caviar because it means release for you. M0mmy hikes up her dress and lowers onto your face. She orders you to open wide and begins to give you what you want… what you need… what you crave. Your face is surrounded by her ass flesh. You can barely breathe and you can’t see anything. You can only hear M0mmy’s voice guide you through your duty of consumption and you can smell and taste everything as it enters your mouth. It’s all worth it because in the end you get to cum. Under M0mmy’s guidance you explode like a geyser. You cum in M0mmy’s honor and then it’s back into chastity until the next time. 24/7 chastity. Such is your life and you wouldn’t trade it for the world. See Mistress T at Club Stiletto

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The Amazing Big Ass Girl

Who’s this?

the big ass girl

The amazing arse and thighs of The Big Ass Girl. Probably the best ass on the planet right now. Visit her site for more.

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Jean from Chocolate Models – 48 Inch Ass

Chocolate Models is always your first stop for huge booty shaking ass pics and videos. December features Jean with her 48 inch ass melting your eyes with her huge curvy body.

jean chocolate models

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Pantyhose Ass

Its time to worship and adore the phenomenal ass and legs of Goddess Alexandra Snow. The statuesque beauty that leaves slaves and subs breathless and in total awe.

goddess snow ass

Goddess Alexandra Snow!
You adore pantyhose, you adore my legs, you adore my ass. You just love how amazing my ass looks in these tight, shiny pantyhose. Do you even know what you like the most? I’ll bet you don’t, it’s probably all just running together at this point, making mush of your mind. All you know is your cock is rock hard and you can’t stop staring and jerking, as I tease you with my legs and ass in these sheer pantyhose….see her magnificent body at Humiliation POV

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Addiction to my Butt – Brattybunny

Perfect Female + Perfect Domme + Perfect Ass = Brattybunny

brattybunny ass addiction

Addiction to my Butt
Silly b0y, cannot get enough of my sweet ass. I don’t blame you. Lucky you that you found this juicy bubble butt. You know I love showing it off. Swaying it in front of your face, making you drool, shaking it, grabbing it, spanking it just a little bit. To keep you craving it more and more. To keep you addicted to my ass isn’t very hard. It’s only natural to love it so much it hurts. Come get it boys, get down on your knees and stare up at sheer round tight perfection.

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Her Ass Owns You

Goddess Naughtia is at it again..smothering slaves and making them cry…Her ASS Owns You!

her ass owns you

Goddess Naughtia lowers her huge ass onto her slave’s face and tells him she is going to test his skills at surviving without oxygen. She laughs and sits hard as her huge ass cuts off any hope of air. Then she orders him to lick her asshole. She wants to be pleasured while she knows he is suffering. she loves the panic he feels as his oxygen runs out while under her big flashy ass.

She reaches forward and grabs his dick through his boxers. She laughs because know matter how terrified and desperate he becomes… he is still turned on to the max and on the verge of cumming if only she would give him permission. But that permission won’t be happening today. Today Goddess Naughtia is all about cutting offf his air supply and deriving him on any treasured orgasm. He is only her toy completely owned by her ass….see Goddess Naughtia at Club Stiletto

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Phat Ass Beatdown

This awesome ass beatdown gif has just entered into the Ass Worship all time top 10 hall of fame :)

Phat Ass Beatdown

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Jessica Kylie – Booty Selection

A big booty sensation Jessica Kylie selection. This curvy godess is so easy on the eye.
jessica kylie big butt

jessica kylie huge booty

jessica kylie booty

jessica kylie thong

jessica kylie husband beater

jessica kylie big ass

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Jasmin Cadavid – Awesome Ass in Heels

I love Jasmin Cadavid. Especially love to see that huge ass of hers while in a pair of high heels.
Jasmin Cadavid

Jasmin Cadavid white boots

Jasmin Cadavid ass heels

Jasmin Cadavid booty heels

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Bootiful Ass that could Destroy Us

big black booty white panties
This ass would destroy me. Those thighs look so powerful too.

alexis texas wide hips
Alexis Texas, Wider than Normal i think, but such an awesome Girl

dominant ass shaking
just so much shaking going on

huge black booty shaking
The dark destroyer :)

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