Remy Lecroix – Gaze Up In Awe

remy lacroix ass worship

Oh daddy…are you scared of how much you want me? Are you intimidated by my ass? Think about how much you want it on your face. Demonstrate your adoration for my powerful ass.

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Big Juicy Female Ass

girls asses in your face

Seriously, nothing makes you boys blow your loads quicker than the sight of a big juicy female ass. The curves overwhelm you. You’re brainwashed by the smooth fleshy cheeks of her big ripe ass at it hovers just over your face. And then darkness descends at it envelopes your head. Your nose and mouth fight for air, but the weight, the weight is so beautiful as it presses down on you.



Visit Club Stiletto for Full Weight Facesitting and Dominant Ass Worship.

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Ass Teasing Step-Sister

ass thighs tease girl

Why oh why did my younger step-sister insist on doing her ass and thigh exercises right in front of where I was trying to work. Taunting me with her gorgeous curvy body seemed to be her new thing. When I complained she turned her head, blew me an air kiss, and stuck her ass right up in the air as far as she could.

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Every Girl Deserves An Ass Slave

hot girl ass slave

There should be an male ass slave for every girl, dedicated to pushing his face into her ass and licking Her pussy and asshole, whilst she simply goes about her daily life. His sole focus is on her needs. She orders him using short, sharp, one word commands, treating him to a meanness only reserved for him.

Find a slave today at

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Princess Dakota’s Ass Dominates Us All

princess dominant ass

Princess Dakota dominates us all with her perfect ass. Men love her ass and she knows it. Princess only has to sit on a man’s face and he instantly becomes her slave. Men are so weak for her, and so easy to control.

She ALWAYS gets what she wants. See Princess Dakota and loads of other dominant girls with big strong sexy asses at Club Stiletto.

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Her Ass Is So Big

Too big. I feel so small and weak and helpless underneath her.

bbw ass worship smother

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Jean from Chocolate Models

I think if I was with Jean, I’d be disappearing up that ass crack half the day and all the night. She’s got so much big booty to cover, so much ass to worship.

big booty jean chocolate models

At Chocolate models you get to watch videos from 21 gorgeous huge ass girls in this months edition alone. Plus unresticted access to their huge archive. That’s more ass than I can handle, but to be fair, its more than most of us can handle.

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Big Ass Grinding Against Cock

big ass grinding against cock

“Are you close to cumming?”
“You gonna blow your load in your pants like a little boy?”
“Is Momma too much for you? Is Momma just too much Girl for you?

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Can He Last 4 Minutes? – Ass Smothering

Princess Dakota Facesitting


Princess Dakota continues to test her ass bitch. She is determined that he will reach if not 4 minutes, at least 2 and a half. Her slaves are not allowed to be quitters! But, the slave continues to fail, until finally, she gets him to last 3 minutes. She makes it all the more arduous during the face sit by telling him less time has elapsed than her stop watch indicates. So, the poor guy thinks he’ll never make it…..
As sweet as she sounds, Princess Dakota is a merciless sadist!

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pussy smother facesitting

Turned Into M0mmys New Pet Part 6 (Family Fantasy)

After having heir feet worshiped in the previous scene, M0mmy and Auntie Holly want their pussies and asses licked. First they lay on their tummies and have the boys lick their asses from behind. Then they have the boys flip over so they can sit on their faces. M0mmy and Auntie Holly start getting so aroused they can’t keep their hands of the young cocks standing erect before them. They jerk off the boys but it’s a real case of edging and tease and denial. Auntie Holly really starts moaning with delight.

See the two women bear down with all their weight upon the lad’s faces and enjoy feeling slave tongue in their pussies and up their asses.

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